• Roger Hardy

    Roger Hardy is the current CEO and Chairman of Hardy Capital


    A serial entrepreneur, Roger Hardy is the Co-Founder and former CEO of Coastal Contacts Inc. Under his direction, the company became the leading online eyewear retailer in just a few short years, a triumphant achievement for the entire team. In 2014, Coastal Contacts Inc was acquired by Essilor.


    Hardy’s entrepreneurial success has taught him the value and power of the consumer, specifically that disruption succeeds because it makes consumers better.

    Within young companies, Roger Hardy believes teams succeed when there is a culture of ownership. At Coastal Contacts Inc, 85 percent of shareholders were employees. This created a culture where people owned their work—because they had a personal stake in it.


    As a technology enthusiast, Roger Hardy loves studying the interplay of human and machine—and imagining the potential for magic to be created from that interaction. That’s why he’s intent on investing in companies that are utilizing innovative ideas and technologies to transform consumer spaces, like fintech, insurance, optical, and real estate markets.


    At Hardy Capital, Roger brings a wealth of entrepreneurial experience and expertise. Hardy has won numerous business awards over the years, including Business in Vancouver’s Top 40 Under 40 in 2002 and the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2006 (Business-to-Consumer). He aims to leverage his knowledge and skills to empower fast-growing startups to achieve market-leading positions.


    Currently, Roger has invested in fast-growing categories like Artificial Intelligence (AI) I, Fin-tech, Gig economy, meal delivery and bill payments companies. Roger is also excited about his adventure into the wine industry. He’s assisting with consumer strategy for Liquidity Wines and is very excited about the company’s potential for growth.


    Born in Toronto, Ontario, Roger Hardy’s passion for skiing and snowmobiling led him to the West Coast. Seeing Vancouver’s rise as a tech hub, he decided to make the city his home.


    When Roger Hardy isn’t busy helping bright young companies and minds succeed at Hardy Capital, he’s spending time with his family. He has four children, three daughters, and a son, that he enjoys taking to sports and school activities. He also runs the Hardy Family Foundation, a charity organization aimed at giving back to communities in Canada and around the globe.

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